People and AI work better together: Outcomes from the Visual Sweden platform project for augmented intelligence.

On September 3rd, 13.00-15:00, PAI (Platform for Augmented Intelligence) will offer you some of the best expertise in the field. 

Artificial intelligence is not going to replace humans. And it shouldn’t. Instead, humans and AI should work together as partners. We call this augmented intelligence. In this webinar, we will present three projects based on this idea and present the outcomes from the Visual Sweden platform project for augmented intelligence. Welcome to the webinar on September 3, we are looking forward to seeing you!


  • Visual Sweden welcome – Felicia Lai Jakobsson
  • Introduction to the Platform for Augmented Intelligence, vision (10mins) – Ahmet Börütecene
  • Human-automation collaboration in augmented environments (HACAE): Designing autonomous agents that humans can interact through movement and touch for more transparent collaboration and better decision-making. (15 min presentation + 10 min Q&A) – Ahmet Börütecene
  • Break 10 mins
  • Human-automation interaction analysis tools for immersive and traditional environments (HAIA): Development of a tool for analyzing how humans interact with autonomous systems which is used in an air-traffic control case to analyze human-automation collaboration. (15 min presentation + 10 min Q&A) – Patric Ljung
  • Break 10 mins
  • Modelling, analysis and visualization of machine learning and AI (MAVMA): Generation of synthetic data for machine learning training and evaluation that enables modeling and simulation in different domains such as robotics, autonomous vehicles and image analysis. (15 min presentation + 10 min Q&A) – Jonas Unger
  • Wrapping up, looking ahead. (10min) – Felicia Lai Jakobsson






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