Within the framework of an offer for thesis extension, during the summer, two recent graduates from the GDK program will get the opportunity to further develop their thesis work towards a commercial direction.

In this case, it is regarding an exciting and unique tool for planning your everyday life – or your holidays. Part of the concept is about keeping a goldfish alive. For further development, they need people to interview about needs, as well as participate in testing. See their own appeals below:

We are two recently graduated graphic designers who have been given the opportunity to continue working on our thesis through Visual Sweden. With this opportunity, we will further develop our prototype for an all-in-one planning app, and therefore we need your help – in the middle of your precious holiday weeks! In short, the app’s aim is to increase the user’s productivity, focus and planning ability – all in one place. This should, for example, facilitate remote work and working from home, or simply organize the days that might otherwise be difficult to get together.

What we want your help with is partly to find out additional necessary features for such an application, as well as testing some functionalities effectiveness and general experience.

We would like help with the following:

  •         Interviewees during week 26
  •         User test subjects during week 28 and 30

Both interviews and tests last 30 minutes and will take place on Zoom. If you want to, you can participate in both.

It would be fantastic if you would like to help us advance in the development of our app, if you feel like sacrificing part of your summer to contribute with some valuable insights.

Thanks in advance and happy summer!

/Constanza and Alva