Organizational Form

Visual Sweden is run as a collaborative hub within Linköping University. Actors such as municipalities, Region Östergötland, companies, governmental agencies and institutions are tied to the centre through partnership deals. Further actors are associated subsequently through a simple accession.

Process management

Anders Carlsson, Process Manager and responsible for Medical applications
Anders Ynnerman, Scientific Manager
Felicia Lai Jakobsson, Deputy Process Manager and Responsible for Industrial applications
Peter Westerdahl, Responsible for Industrial applications
Eric Holmstedt, Reponsible for Societal applications and the link to Norrköping Science Park
Ulrika Johansson, Responsible for Societal applications and link to Linköping Science Park
Jonas Löwgren, Responsible for the thematic area Urban informatics
Gio Fornell, Responsible for the link to University innovation support
Carina Malmgren, Resonsible for the link to the regional smart specialisation strategy


Eva Andersson, Region Östergötland
Dan Jangblad, SAAB (chairman)
Martin Rantzer, Linköping university (vice chairman)
Carina Malmgren, Region Östergötland
Lena Klasén, The Swedish Police
Lena Miranda, Linköping Science Park
Jonas Nilson, Norrköping Science Park
Leif Haglund, Maxar
Thomas Rydell, Interspectral
Mona Jonsson, RISE
Olle Vikmång, Norrköping municipality
Per Södergren, Siemens Energy
Lisa Lindgren, Norrköping Visualisering AB
Niklas Borg, Linköping municipality