Welcome to the Medical Digital Twin (MeDigiT) seminar

Digital twins for cardiology: patient-specific models for more individualized therapies

Dr Tommaso Mansi, Senior Director, AI and Digital Twin for Image-Guided Interventions, Siemens Healthineers  (http://www.tmansi.net/ )

Date and time: December 8th at 15.00

Place: Zoom, register for the seminar before December 6th via https://tinyurl.com/medigitSeminarDec2020


Recent advancesin computational modeling, artificial intelligence and hardware architectures are enabling new paradigms based on patient specific models of heart function. This talk will first introduce a framework for patient-specific cardiac modeling, including anatomy, electrophysiology, biomechanics and hemodynamics. Then, examples of clinical applications will be presented and discussed, with thoughts on potential trends in digital twins.


Medical Digital Twin (MeDigiT) is a platform with the aim of facilitating use of personalized digital models in healthcare. The platform is a meeting place for stakeholders in the subject of medical digital twins where technical solutions and applications may be discussed. MeDigiT is led by Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) at Linköping University and is funded by Visual Sweden and the active partners.

Read more about MeDigiT at the website https://liu.se/forskning/medigit