We are pleased to invite you to presentations of four explorative design projects in Augmented Information Spaces, created in collaboration between MSc Design and Media Technology students.

It takes place in the morning of Thursday, May 23, in room KO23 (Campus Norrköping, Kopparhammaren 2, enter at the upstream end of building, go to second floor).


09:15 – Remote technical assistance (Jessica Grzech, Stefan Nikolov).

Maintenance engineers on an industrial site collaborate with remote experts through augmented space.

09:45 – Modern surveillance and social credit scores (Erik Asp, Karl Eknefelt, Jonas Fries, Tim Selimi).

An art installation using augmented space to ask questions about contemporary society.

10:15 – Break.

10:30 – Weaving through Norrköping history (Rebecca Akkila, Aniisa Bihi, Linnea Michél, Molly Middagsfjell, Mia Shu).

Place-specific AR tells the stories of Norrköping’s industrial history.

11:00 – TreasureMap (Chetana Deshpande, Johan Eriksson, Rebecka Lindskog, Julia Skönvall, Afina Zahra).

Using AR augmentation on a paper map in combination with place-specific AR to engage visitors in local history.


The students and teachers of Augmented Information Spaces are looking forward to seeing you!




Room KO23, Kopparhammaren 2, Campus Norrköping


Linköping University