The purpose of the project was to develop an alpha version of the educational tool in order to test and verify the concept and its effect, as well as to produce a viable business model to market the product with.

The development of the alpha was finished according to plan to enable testing in schools. An evaluation method was created including a survey part and an interview part. During the project a new and more market oriented website was produced and launched. Tests were conducted with schools in a smaller scale. These resulted in crucial feedback, however not optimal from our point of view. It was clear that the product was engaging and had a
motivational value. It was also clear that schools and teachers demanded more flexibility and content to be willing to pay for the product and use it in their education. One target group we believe is easier to market to due to less price sensitivity and demand of flexibility is private customers. Initially, we will focus our efforts towards this group going forward.


Projektet drevs av

Visedu AB


Visedu AB, Edvira AB, LEAD, Skäggetorpsskolan, Nya munken skola, Vittra Lambohov skola


april 2018 - december 2018