We are currently seeing a rapid increase in both the amounts and types of data available,
through sensors, from the Internet, from databases and simulations, all holding valuable
information describing complex situations where active decision making by human experts is
necessary. A new paradigm is evolving, where the time-scales for short term decision
converges with the time-scales for long term decisions based on strategic data. The
autonomy of agents in a system (whether it is software or hardware) changes the user’s
interaction from real-time control, direct maneuvering, towards longer time-scales, directives.
Similarly, the wealth of extracted and aggregated multi-source data, from e.g. sensors, the
Internet, or databases, will shift strategic long time-scale decision making towards shorter,
minute update, time-scales. There is thus a need to the develop the theories and tool sets necessary for putting the human at the center of the autonomous loop, offering control and
understanding, and enabling augmented intelligence through interaction and visualization.

The vision of the proposed platform is to develop technology for augmented
intelligence: components and infrastructures enabling adequate joint
performance of humans and autonomous agents on complex and
mission-critical tasks.

Projektet drivs av

Linköping university (MIT/ITN)


Linköping university (MIT/ITN) & Visual Sweden


august 2018 - december 2020

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