The purpose of the project is to increase the availability of detailed 3D data in forensic applications. Today
3D scanning has just begun to hit widely in forensic applications, but the 3D images of
the crime scene cannot be used interactively since the data is heavy-duty and not easily visualized to a normal user.

The project intends to investigate how interactive 3D data is used more (by identifying and testing correctly field methods, hardware and processing techniques depending on user cases) and to reduce and make available these data in the right form and tools depending on the user’s role (forensic, judicial etc.).

We will evaluate how image technology (photogrammetry) and laser technology (3D laser scanning and sensors based on structured light) can be used effectively for crime scene documentation and to investigate when different techniques complement each other, when they can be used individually, and when they should be used at the same time.

Projektet drevs av

Swedish National Forensic Centre (NFC)


Swedish National Forensic Centre (NFC), Spotscale


october 2017 - august 2018

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