We want to create an exhibition that introduces our visitors to visualization and digital technology – partly by telling about the historical development, and partly by presenting state-of-the-art applications of visualization and digital technology, in both academia and business. We complement the installations with educational stations that “lift the hood” and which, in a playful and inclusive way, invite the visitors to explore the complicated mathematical world of code and graphics. This is in line with our mission to promote interest and knowledge for technology and science.

As you know, we accept 10,000 school students per year, and here we have the chance and the assignment to inspire both middle school and upper secondary students to apply for science and design programs. Our business, but also our upcoming exhibition, fulfills a vital function in directing students to technical and natural sciences early on, and thereby providing business and academia with increased competence provision.

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Visualization Center C


Visualization Center C


october 2017 - june 2018

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