There are a number of different opportunities within the police’s activities, since it is desirable for a person to experience a place at a distance. It may be specialists in a place that needs to see a crime scene in another place, investigators who need to see geographically distinct places to see patterns or witnesses who want to be able to walk around on a basically insecure place without feeling either threatened or risk recognition.

In this project, a solution for immersive remote presence (immersive telepresence) has been developed and evaluated. Through this technique, a person can be given the real feeling of visiting a geographically secluded place in a safe and anonymous manner. The original project goal was to focus on the problem of addressing testimonies from precarious environments. During the project, the focus has changed to become a more general evaluation of the technology immersive remote presence within the police.

The evaluation that concluded the project shows that immersive remote presence has several advantages over alternative forms of remote communication such as telephone and traditional video calls.



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Swedish National Forensic Centre (NFC), Voysys och Linköping university


november 2017 - july 2018


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